A Day W/ Campaign Na

It’s not just picking up, we are IN THIS! The momentum has been building and today we really felt how it feels to be running a campaign in the last two weeks of the race! It all started at headquarters…

Wait let’s back up. Let’s make this more of a thank you…

Addie and Joseph, Eleanor, Kevin, Emily, Annie, Maria, Kris, Sam, Yara, Jen, Jean, Anthony, Annie – these are the folks that helped today run smoothly.

Addie and Joseph offered their house (I took it upon myself to deck it out):

headquarters naomi signs galore.jpeg

Eleanor showed up just when I needed a good friend and just as headquarters opened, ready to learn how to text from her computer – Eleanor gives our campaign many hours every week from home and at our events, thank you, Eli!

Kevin brought me homemade Posole and my stapler at last minute request because he is the best neighbor.

Emily sent me pics of my dogs because she’s sweet enough to offer love to them while I am out being crazy campaign candidate, thank you, Em!

Annie learned how to google text today too, but my big thank you to her was her most recent offering of tough love – it was WELL needed.

Maria stuffed envelopes today without shame during a very formal event (non-campaign related) – I LOVE MY VOLUNTEERS!

And then there’s Kris … oh, Kris. You save me, I swear to god. Kris printed off thousands of pages for me today, learned I messed up, and then rolled with it. She created events, she managed my finances, she offered important advice and then waited for me to re-finalize maps again and headed to the print shop just before they closed. Kris is the hero of my day.
map cutting pic

My good friend and righteous volunteer Sam spent the entire day working on my campaign. She dropped 100 pieces of literature then came to headquarters to help me with social media! She is encouraging, sweet, and a serious super volunteer. Sam! Thank you!

Yara and Jen made sure we were all squared away for tomorrow’s door knocking brunch – as if they have all the free time in the world.

Jean and Anthony wrote letters to the editor – yes, folks, this all happened today!

And lastly, my most bestest friend Annie offered me feedback from an English master’s perspective.

I am tired. And I bet they are too. That is why this blog is so important for me to squeeze in before I call it a night. 14 hours worth of work today, and I was not even a tiny bit alone.

This campaign is DOING it. See you in the morning.