What you do for me …

Within the last week, I found out that CVI and Planned Parenthood endorsed my opponent, two endorsements that seemed … well, just wrong. I am learning SO many things about how the sausage gets made.*

The endorsements stung, briefly, but I kept trucking. Lately, it’s been tough to get volunteers to show up. Today, I hosted a phone bank … it was difficult because I had been busy campaigning all day and I had to rush a little. I promoted it to death, offered snacks, prizes, even beer. And while all of my other phone banks have been successful, not a soul showed up until about halfway through. Either way, I didn’t mind today. Luckily, I was feeling strong and encouraged. I put Beyonce on and sang while I stuffed envelopes and eventually Maria showed up and we started working as a team. (Love you, Mrs. Le) But, I think the reason I can roll through seemingly “bad” weeks is that of what is going well – all the many many things that are going well.

I think of what all of my volunteers, my friends, and family, have sacrificed up to this point. Printing, Calling, texting, giving me advice, loving me, supporting me, believing in me, picking up stamps, delegating yard signs, editing my everything, patting my back, lifting me up, carrying me forward, squeezing me in wherever possible, making themselves vulnerable on the phones and at doors, hugging me, emailing between work and picking the kids up, organizing my docs, writing checks for me, responding quickly to asks, telling friends about me, telling strangers about me, making meals for me, and so much more. I have never felt so supported. Thank you, team, and thank you supporters. We are kicking some serious ass – and taking names.

*Not my term, but not sure whose it is, haha!