Many of you may already know, city council races are held for three of the six seats every other odd year. This year, the three seats available belonged to Ben Quintana, TJ Thomson, and Maryanne Jordan.  As I began, we only knew of one person planning to retire from their city council position: Councilwoman Jordan. From very early on I was aware that two individuals had filed their treasurer paperwork for Maryanne’s open seat: an established Democrat with a following and an individual who has a history of working closely with Mayor Bieter.  Needless to say, I decided against running for that open seat.

On May 30th, 2017 I filed my paperwork to contest the seat of Ben Quintana. At the time, there were no other candidates filed for Seat #2. Before I made my decision to file for this seat I had been waiting to see which seat another candidate, not mentioned above, would choose.  I based this decision on what I believed at that time to be in the best interest of the future city council, my city council race, as well as hers. So once she chose to run for TJ’s seat, I made my decision to run against Ben’s. This seat has been represented by an economically-minded individual for the past 6 years, the time is now for increased social advocacy on our city council. The time is now that we inject vibrancy into our democracy and push ourselves to include new and unique voices into the deliberative process–voices that don’t simply speak for the community, but that includes the community in the process.

Once Ben announced his decision to retire from city council the race got more exciting! There are now at least four of us filed for seat #2 and there is rumor of a fifth! And it may not end there–who knows who else will enter the race! Did you know in 1991 we had 19 candidates that ran? Twelve of those for the same seat! Candidates have until the end of August to make their final decision.

Here we are! It’s been just a short while, but each day I am energized by the meaningful conversations that I am fortunate enough to have with members of the community. I appreciate these moments and look forward to many, many more of them!